We can all be real with each other right? All of us sometimes feel pretty down in the dumps at some point of our lives. Whatever the cause, it truly stinks to feel bad.

Sadly, the feeling sometimes can be felt across a certain area. It could be a multitude of things that cause an issue. It's almost worse when everybody isn't feeling something isn't it?

Well in Texas, those bad feelings can not only be felt, but measured as well when persons ae interviewed. New data from across the nation shows that some places in Texas aren't feeling as jovial as others.

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Data Revealing The Most Miserable Cities In The Lone Star State

According to Sharecare, they compiled data using five factors of person's well-being:

- physical
- community
- social relationships
- financial
- sense of purpose

But that's not all they used to make the list of cities. In addition to those, 600 different other factors regarding social determinants of health were used. With over 450,000 adults in the US interviewed, the top 50 certainly was interesting.

But we aren't here to look at the nation as a whole, just the Lone Star State. So here's where certain areas of Texas landed on the list:

41. Texarkana
35. Laredo
32. Beaumont-Port Arthur
8. Brownsvillle-Harlingen
5. McAllen-Edinburg-Mission

So there you have it, those are the cities and areas that appeared on the list. It seems like certain parts of Texas have some work to do on improving various facets of life. You can see the full list of cities here.

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