In Fort Worth, Texas, Molson Coors Brewery is currently in deliberations with it's workers over a new contract. However, the workers at the brewery are set to strike. Here's what we know currently at the time of writing.

Details About The Potential Strike

The most recent offer that was proposed to the workers, according to FOX 4, was refused by 93% of the workers. FOX 4 reported the exact number of workers was 420 that said no. Teamsters said in a statement about the new contracts for workers:

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FOX 4 reports that talks begin in the fall, but have not yielding a new agreement. Teamster 997's secretary-treasurer Rick Miedema also stated that the company's spending on a Super Bowl commercial adds to the issue:

"It hurts the membership. The employees see a 30-second Coors Light ad for $7 million and that’s double or more of the package we had on the table to get the contract settled."

However, more than one product will be affected if the strike is to move forward.

Other Products Affected In The Potential Strike

FOX 4 reports that production of products Pabst, Simply, Topo Chicco, and Yuengling will be also face stoppages. Molson Coors, in response to the possible strike, stated that they would be still able to make products available, due to their plans they have set up for many different situations.

At the time of writing, no new contract agreement has been reached. As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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