Fans of Buc-ee's know that there are a lot of reasons to love the gas station/mega-convenience chain. Despite the seemingly always-crowded stores, it's always clean, it's always well-stocked, and the snacks are beloved.

But another reason people love them is because the company strives to make working there worth it. Outside of every store, you can find signs displaying their wages.

But aside from the folks you see working the front lines at Buc-ee's, there are a ton of workers behind the scenes making sure that everything is 1) running smoothly and 2) clean.

The janitorial teams at Buc-ee's have their work cut out for them. There are tons of visitors each day, and those bathroom lines get long, even when they have more than 70 toilets available in them.

But there are some folks who have discovered that those dedicated custodians are actually getting paid the same amount they are - and it's causing them to think long and hard about their work conditions.

One Office Worker Goes Viral

TikToker @roxiab posted on her TikTok that she just discovered "the Buc-ee's gas station pays their restroom janitorial staff the same hourly wage" as her job as a case manager.

"I haven't been the same since," the video also says.

She shared the video with the caption "all love to janitors i honestly might join you at this point #godblessamerica".

The Daily Dot has more.

In a follow-up video, Roxie shares a photo with her audience that details Buc-ee’s worker pay across different levels. The janitors Roxie referred to make $18 an hour, according to the poster. Depending on the position, other hourly workers make $16 on the low end and up to $31 on the high end.

“We’re looking at some pretty good starting rates,” Roxie says.

Full-timers, on the other hand, who work 35-50 hours a week, are paid a yearly salary that starts at $100,000 for assistant general managers and goes up to $225,000 (and possibly more) for general managers. According to the poster, no experience is necessary for their full-time positions, implying that the company is willing to train applicants.

She makes sure to point out that she doesn't think those janitors don't deserve the pay. Rather, she is pointing out how wild it is that she as a case worker is getting paid that same amount after asking for a raise.

But kudos to Buc-ee's for paying their workers so well, and those workers definitely deserve it.

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