We're not sure what this guy's reflection said to set him off, but he wasn't going to just sit back and take it!

Drunk Man Fights Mirror
TikTok Via ZappedDaddy

Drunk Man Fights His Own Reflection

It happens to the best of us. We're having a good time out with some friends, shots start flying, then the next thing you know you're fighting your own reflection in a mirror.

OK, so maybe you've never tried to fight your own reflection, but this guy did.

TikToker ZappedDaddy and some friends were hanging out at a karaoke bar in Kihei, Hawaii just blowing off a little steam and having a few drinks when they noticed a man in the bar acting a bit strange.

As the man grew increasingly agitated with the man he saw in the mirror, witnesses say he eventually verbally confronted the man. The man being himself.

From distractify.com -

"Look, we’re not here to mock anyone who might be struggling, and if this man has something deeper going on, we doubt there would be a viral TikTok about his antics.

From the people who were there, it seems like he was just really, really, really, really drunk. And we’ve all been drunk!"

Drunk Guy Fights Reflection
TikTok Via ZappedDaddy

Hey, maybe he was actually mad at himself for drinking too much.

But, here's the thing...this guy is far from the first guy to get drunk enough to fight himself in the mirror and surely won't be the last.

When we googled "Drunk Guy Fights His Own Reflection", this guy is just one of many other drunk guys fighting their own reflections.

Hey, be safe out there.

@zappeddaddyHey tough guy, you talking to me?!♬ Do you wanna fight meeee by FluffyBaee - FluffyBaee

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