A woman is starting to resent her husband after she promised not to keep any male friends she previously slept with when the couple first got married.

"My wife and I have been married for 20 years. When we got engaged I asked that we not keep in touch with former lovers, FWB [friends with benefits], or exes. My wife agreed. Back then, my wife had a couple of male friends who were former FWB and soon after the engagement, she cut them off," the husband wrote on Reddit.

After the couple got married, they both cut off their former lovers.

"We both had friends of the opposite sex, but they were our married friends whom we knew together. I have a couple of female friends (one from college, two former colleagues, etc., we never dated, slept with, never flirted) that I have maintained throughout our marriage," the man continued.

"Whenever I talk about them to my wife, she seems to get angry. Last week she said to me that it must be nice to have female friends and that she doesn't have male friends. I asked her if she wanted male friends who were not married to our female friends, and she said no," he explained.

His wife told him that she doesn't have any male friends because of the agreement they made when they got married 20 years ago.

"I told her that is not what I said ... She agreed not to continue relationships with men she slept with and that she can have male friends as long as the relationship remains platonic and she doesn't sleep with them," he concluded.

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The man's posts was met with mixed reactions in the comments section.

"I mean, she can’t find one male person to be friends with? She had 20 years to figure this out," one person wrote.

"My concern is why this, now? I sense something coming up soon," another user chimed in.

"Just sounds like insecurity to me. Some people are obsessed with everything being even. She doesn't have the perspective of balancing healthy boundaries with single friends of the opposite sex," someone else commented.

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