Squishmallows are said to "fill hearts with love and affection." However, one woman realized her family might have some toxic traits after her plush toy collection sparked a dispute between her and her cousin.

On Reddit, a 24-year-old woman who collects Squishmallows — which is a popular line of cute, super-soft plush toys — explained her family was furious with her after she refused to give her 21-year-old cousin's 7-year-old daughter items from her Squishmallow collection.

The Reddit user called her cousin "self-centered," writing in her Reddit post, "She always thinks that she and her family are the most perfect family who deserves anything."

"This Monday, our family had our annual Christmas Party, and my cousin and her kid came," she continued, adding that when the child noticed her collection of plush toys and asked if she could see the "stuffies," she didn't want to be rude, so she allowed the child to look at her collection.

"I have a lot of them," the woman explained, adding she "ignored it" when the child kept repeating that she "wished she had Squishmallows."

When it was time for everyone to leave the party, the woman's cousin approached her, told her that her daughter wanted some Squishmallows too and asked, "Can you give her like five?"

The woman declined, telling her cousin that she's been "building this collection for a while" and couldn't just "give them away."

Instead of being understanding, her cousin "scoffed" and quickly left with her child. After the party, the woman's family began hounding her about her decision to not give the little girl part of her collection.

"Since then, I've gotten many calls from family that I am the a--hole. Am I in the wrong?" she wrote.

In the comments section, Reddit users backed the collector, slamming the woman's family for expecting her to give up part of her collection just because they don't value Squishmallows the same way she does.

"[Squishmallows] are expensive. There is a secondhand market for these... 'Adults' always devalue youth culture. Ask them to buy one for her for Christmas. When they see the price, their heads will explode," one user wrote.

"I've been collecting so ugly there cute stuffed animals for like 9 years now. I'm 32 and the number of adults who think because [their] little precious gremlin wants one I, should just give it to them is beyond ridiculous. At this point as soon as they start saying gremlin really likes your octokitty I just say yeah me too! And direct them to a website where they can buy one," someone else commented.

"Common thread here, especially the frickin family piling on you part. The kid's a brat and so is her mom. Just tell her you'll trade 5 [squishmallows] for her engagement ring. No? It's too precious hahaha. Maybe they'll stop. Close and lock your bedroom door if they come over again. Kid will try to lift them if she gets a chance," another user shared.

However, another user had an "evil genius" idea to teach the entitled mom a lesson.

"[Say] loudly, to child, while maintaining unblinking eye contact with cousin: 'I'm sure if mommy loved you enough, she would buy you ALL the Squishmallows your adorable heart deserves,'" they suggested.

"I think I was just reassigned to a lower circle in hell for how hard I laughed at this!" someone responded to the comment.

"Ahhhahahaha! I love this so much. Perrrrfect advice. Turn the entitled ones on each other," another person replied to the same comment.

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