A woman on Reddit says her pregnant cousin has demanded she change her pet cat's name so she can use it for her baby.

The woman recently adopted a "wonderful sweetie of a shelter cat" named Millie.

"That’s the name that the shelter gave her, I thought it it suited her and she responds to it, so I didn’t change it," she wrote in her post on the forum.

When the woman's pregnant cousin "Carrie," who she's "moderately close to," found out her cat is named Millie, she asked her to change it as the name is on her list of potential baby names for her future daughter.

"She DMed me to ask me to change Millie’s name because she and her fiancé really liked that name for their daughter. I refused because my cat had her name first, and Carrie called me selfish for valuing a 'stupid cat' over her daughter. I told her that my cat is not stupid, and that I wouldn’t mind if her baby shared a name with my cat, but if it was an issue for her, she could choose a different name. She again called me selfish and said she had to go," the woman continued.

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Feeling "conflicted," the woman went to her sister — who is also a mother — to ask for advice.

"She said that she understands where I was coming from, but that babies should come before pets. She said that it would be really kind of me to change my cat’s name, and that she knows how important a couple’s 'dream name' is," she wrote.

Now, the woman is "feeling more confused than ever" about what to do about her cat's name.

In the comments section, Reddit users backed the woman's decision to keep her cat's name and jokingly suggested she change the feline's name to match her cousin's.

"'I've changed my cat's name. May I introduce to you the new... Carrie Millie!' That's what I would do, lol," one person wrote.

"Two beings can have the same name, and the universe will not implode. Keep your cat's name," another wrote.

"Tell her Millie is short for Maleficent, and ask if her baby will also be named after the queen of all evil," someone else joked.

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