One of my co-workers thought this was just one of those urban legends because come on now, this can't be a real thing, can it?

Apparently yes according to Reader's Digest.

Packing for cruises isn't easy. Most have dress codes of some sort depending on the cruise line itself. There are formal nights, themed evenings, and certain areas where you can't wear your swimsuit or men must always wear a jacket.

Plus, you're packing for those off-ship excursions in the various ports your cruise is docking for the day or night. So what's the deal with camouflage clothing being a big no-no for cruise ship vacations?

It has nothing to do with cruise ship attire recommendations and requirements at all, rather according to Reader's Digest, camouflage clothing is banned in most Caribbean countries. It's not just camo print clothing but also accessories like backpacks, hats, sunglasses, and handbags. as well as swimsuits, shoes, etc. Any military-style clothing is illegal.

If you absolutely cannot live without your favorite camo hat or shorts then feel free to use space in your suitcase to bring it. Just be aware that you can only wear those items on the ship, itself.

According to the Life Well Cruised website if staff aboard the cruise doesn't happen to stop you when you disembark you will most likely receive a stiff fine or worse from local law enforcement, Only those in the military are allowed to wear such clothing.

As a sidenote according to Reader's Digest, even standing on the balcony of the ship while at port wearing that camo bathing suit is a sign of disrespect in the Caribbean, albeit not illegal since you're on the ship.

If you're planning a cruise anywhere outside the Caribbean just double-check dress codes as well as rules and regulations because if it's not military-style clothing it could be something else.

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