K-pop fans of boy group NCT are losing it over these NCT-themed gummies.

A fan of the group known for hits like "Cherry Bomb" and "Fact Check" stumbled across the candy at a random gas station and shared the find on Twitter/X on Sunday (March 10).

The candies are shaped like the group's logo and come in their signature neon green color.

"Found this randomly at a store. Didn't know they sell [these] kind of gummies???" the fan tweeted.

In a reply to the original tweet, they added that the gummies even come with a free photo card portraying a member of the group, something that is usually included in K-pop albums. In this fan's case, the gummies contained a photo of NCT 127's Jungwoo.

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Fans were immediately delighted by the tweet, with many wondering where to find them and others making jokes about the effects of eating the gummies.

"Ate one of these and saw Johnny [the rapper of NCT 127] in the corner of my room ... I do not recommend," one fan joked.

Another quote-tweeted the original post with a photo of an IV drop and hospital monitor, quipping, "DO NOT EAT THE NCT GUMMIES."

Meanwhile, other fans are desperate to get their hands on the novelty candy.

"I need the NCT gummies so bad you don’t understand," one person tweeted.

"If I don't get NCT gummies for my birthday I'm gonna break up with all of my friends," someone else joked.

"Got NCT gummies after work, was surprised to see them being sold at Akiba House in Flushing. They taste really good and come with a random member sticker," another shared in a tweet.

Another fan shared what the gummies taste like, and noted that the store they bought them from was even playing NCT's music when they stopped by.

"Found these NCT gummy candies! They come with a member sticker. The gummies taste like muscat flavor. While in the store, NCT's 'Wish' was playing over the loudspeakers," they revealed on Twitter/X.

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