It's amazing how kids can get something in their heads and have it stay there no matter how much their parents tell them it isn't true.

TikTok user @cassdamm needed to take things to the next level to help her young son get over his latest obsession. The boy is convinced his real dad is actually professional wrestler and actor John Cena.

Proof That John Cena Isn't His Real Dad

In videos posted to TikTok, the mom explained her son is 100% convinced John Cena is his real father after comparing photos. She even tried to tell the boy that she has been together with his dad since they were 15.

Nope, he is still convinced John Cena is his dad.

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The mom recently shared a video where she is walking to her mailbox to make sure the mail carrier picked up her package. It is later revealed the package was a DNA test she had her son take to prove the identity of his real father.

"You may be thinking like 'why would you give your son a DNA test, you know who is father is," the mom explains. "And that's because he decided that he is the product of a love affair between me and John Cena."

She goes on to to tell viewers that she doesn't know much about wrestling or she certainly doesn't know John Cena.

"The kid has been literally comparing photos of him and John Cena to compare facial features," she says in the video. "Like excuse me, boy, you like every other blonde haired blue eyed boy on your father's side of the family for the last 200 years."


Does The Boy Now Believe John Cena Isn't His Dad?

The TikTok mom is still waiting for the results of the DNA test to come back. She has now shared a follow-up video that shows her son still comparing photos of himself to John Cena.

This is not the first time @cassdamm TikTok account has discussed family dynamics and history. The account, which has more than 400,000 followers, received widespread attention in 2021 with tales of murder and secrets within the user's family.

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