Shuffle, waddle, and lean forward with your weight over the leg you're stepping forward with, and you should be okay. Oh and make sure your toes are facing outward.

Yes, there's a method to walking on slick sidewalks and it's walking like a penguin. Walking slowly has zero to do with it while we're already tense when dealing with icy, slippery conditions on sidewalks, streets, and driveways, so yes the penguin trick is the way to go, always.

It doesn't matter if you're used to snowy, slippery, icy winters or not, at some point, almost everyone has to walk in these unsavory winter conditions. Even though we know to be careful, we all hit those rushed or cocky moments and BOOM.

There are even how-to videos because walking like a penguin is a crucial way of staying safe and out of the emergency room. Here's a cute, animated penguin video that demonstrates exactly what to do to stay safe.

I was actually shocked to learn that according to MSN, about one million of us across the country are injured annually because of falls on ice and snow, with about 17,000 of those falls being fatal.

And what do you know? Shortly after learning that stat, several posts like this one from Only in Boston on Instagram appeared in my feed. Walk like a penguin. Yes, this is the same diagram The Farmer's Almanac uses as a winter life hack.

So, consider this your friendly reminder to walk like a penguin.  I've even included this handy dandy video with a real person, too.

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