BTS gave their fans (known as ARMY) a glimpse into their lives as soldiers during their military enlistment over the weekend.

All of the members of the K-pop supergroup are now serving their mandatory military service with plans to reunite in 2025.

First, vocalist V posted a throwback video on Instagram featuring the group during a dance practice. He wrote, "ARMYs, you haven't forgotten me right? I'm still breathing, okay? Please think about us occasionally, okay?"

Then, on the band's Weverse page, V responded to a fan asking if he was eating well.

"If I eat, exercise, and train like this, 86kg... is possible..." he joked, calling himself a "muscle man" in another post.

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Meanwhile, leader and rapper RM assured fans that he's "eating too well" and even gave out a book recommendation before noting that enlistment "feels like I'm a [K-pop] trainee again" because of the newness.

RM also shared that V has "already passed" him in training and exercising and that he has "so many" stories to share with fans someday from his time in the military.

The rapper has also taken up watching Instagram Reels in his spare time, which he apparently learned from "generation MZ [Millennials and Gen Z]."

Singer Jimin also expressed his mutual love for fans, writing, "Eventually, time will pass and we’ll be seeing each other right? I'm waiting for that day to come. Thank you for always leaving letters that you are always there. I'm here as well."

He then posted the phrase "I love you" in 18 different languages to reach fans all around the world.

Lastly, in perhaps the most exciting post of the small spree, oldest member Jin reminded fans that he's nearing the completion of his service with around 100 days left to go.

Jin enlisted on Dec. 13, 2022, while rapper and dancer J-Hope followed on April 18, 2023 and rapper Suga left for his service on Sept. 22, 2023.

RM and V departed together on Dec. 11, 2023. The last two members to enlist were Jimin and Jungkook, who left for their services on Dec. 12, 2023. At the time, member J-Hope shared photos on Instagram from their departures and wrote, "Time is flying !!! Ouch!!!"

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