Ah yes, Valentine's Day in Texas. A time for love to bloom, couples to cuddle up and express their undying love for one another. Maybe you've planned a fancy dinner date and one of the most expensive restaurants in town. Maybe it's a full-blown production you've put together.

Then again, it could just be a night where you DoorDash some take-in from your favorite spot and throw on a rom-com to watch together.

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Let's be honest, that's the more likely date for a lot of people on Valentine's Day. The hardest part of it all is determining which movie you two lovebirds want to throw on and watch together.

I think we know that most guys aren't going to go with "The Notebook" as the romantic movie they want to watch. We're fine with those romantic films, but they have to have SOME humor to them, right?

According to a survey by JeffBet, the top five rom-coms in Texas are exactly that. Romantic, yet funny. So which one of these are you going to be watching?

Checking in at number five on the list is "500 Days Of Summer". I actually own this movie and it's a wildly intriguing flick with all sorts of twists and turns that keep the attention of both of you. A very quirky movie for sure, but something different without a doubt.

At number four, it's "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". I guess I never personally viewed this as a rom-com, but seeing it on this list has me rethinking it. A hilarious movie that involves everything a couple goes through in the early stages of their relationship, overbearing family included.

Number three on the list is "13 Going on 30". This Jennifer Garner & Mark Ruffalo classic keeps it light and fun without ever really getting too serious. It's one of those you simply can't go wrong with.

"Crazy Stupid Love" is in at number two on the list. It's the only movie in the top five that I haven't personally seen, so I can't really speak to it's charm and why it landed at number two. Looks like this may be the one I have to settle in and watch with the wifey.

At number one is no surprise in my mind. "10 Things I Hate About You" is an absolute classic. Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger give great performances in this teen-based flick, that is still as good as it was when you first saw it 25 years ago. It just never gets old.

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