When it comes to higher education, most people like to stay close to home, and attend more affordable colleges or universities.

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However, unfortunately, just because these college or universities are close to home and aren't as expensive as others, doesn't make them a great place to get an education.

The website Avocadoposts.com recently did a study on different universities and colleges in the US and found the ones you might want to avoid.  Out of all the colleges and the universities in the US only one Texas school made the list out of 50.

Texas College

Texas College is located in Tyler, Texas.  The school was founded in 1894 by a group of Christian Methodist Episcopal ministers and is celebrating 129 years of education this year.  It is the oldest school in Tyler for higher education.

Unfortunately, this college has landed on the list of the worst colleges in the US.   According to the study, Texas College has a 12% graduation rate and six-year average salary of just over $23,000, paired with a loan debt of around $21,000.

However according to the Texas College website, their graduation rate since 2019 has held steady in the 40% range.  Their fall to fall retention has had steady growth.  When it comes to this study, luckily, Texas College was #48 on the list and no where near the top for the worst college or university.

The college that topped the list was, Mt. Sierra College, Monrovia, California.  Unfortunately, the college is now closed.

No college or university is perfect and all have their issues.  Luckily this community has a college available to attend so close to home.

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