Police have released bodycam footage of a shocking incident in a Texas mall that took place in May. The footage was released to the public after a grand jury declined to indict the police officer involved of any wrongdoing.

In May, 33-year-old Mauricio Martinez Garcia opened fire on a crowd of people with an AR-15 in Allen, Texas. Police were never able to figure out a motive for this shooting, but they know that he was a violent extremist.

They found online writings that led them to believe he was a white supremacist who posted hateful things about Jews, women, and racial minorities all leading up to that fateful day in Allen. He ultimately killed eight people, ranging from ages 3 to 37.

The released footage is a little over two minutes long.


It starts with a woman with two young children standing next to an officer at his cruiser, when the officer states "I think we've got shots fired at the outlet mall". You can hear the shots being fired beforehand as the woman and children are standing there.

She moves her children as the officer is calling it in to dispatch.

The officer begins to tactfully run through the parking lot towards the sound of the gunshots. As he's moving towards the gunman, he yells out to someone asking "what you got", and he repeats what he heard from them. "A real mass shooter?" he asks almost trying to confirm it's what he thought it was.


He sends something through the radio and begins to scream, "Drop it! Drop it!" as he continues moving forward towards the suspect.

His trek continues through the mall, radios in his location and says, "I don't know where he's at", and moments later more shots are heard being fired. As he continues to move closer, the shots become louder, indicating the officer is closer to the shooter.

The video is below, and fair warning, it's real life.

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