So we all tell a little white lie here and there but what about when we take it too far that it makes someone mad? Well one viral TikTok video is making the rounds and is directly calling someone out who seems to have told multiple lies.

Pants on Fire

In this viral TikTok shows a Texas woman arriving to her apartment after a long day when she is met with what she claims is 'juicy drama'. Posted to her door is a piece of paper with a photo of a man named Max who has been called a swindler. The woman stares in disbelief at the paper as she reads it and shares with her viewers what the paper says.

It claims that Max will tell people he's the fourth backup kicker for the Dallas Cowboys, already doubt that, and that he has tickets to giveaway but for a price. While this guy is trying to give you non-existent tickets it also says he convinces people to try to help him attend a family funeral in the Middle East which is said to be a lie. The worst part of this whole thing is that Max apparently likes to tell people his mom is deceased, dying, or just got out of a surgery and then passes away right after. The mom is addressed by name and it states in the note she is perfectly fine.

Called Out!

While this guy was called out by what I can only assume is an ex-girlfriend or girl that he tried to swindle it's apparent that that now his whole entire apartment complex knows to avoid the 10th floor. Unless they want pizza or ground meat. This video took place in Dallas and but someone in Lubbock could just as easily be called out and posted on the internet.

While we love and live for drama especially when it spills over into our lives without directly affecting us should anyone ever be called out like that? Could this have been done in private (I'm here for all the shade though)? What are your thoughts and have you ever called out anyone like this before in real life?

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