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Texas Verizon Wireless customers, former and current, are now eligible to receive money from a $100 million settlement from a class-action lawsuit that was brought against the wireless provider.

Some Verizon Wireless customers across the state have started receiving postcards in their mailboxes while others have received an email letting them know that they are eligible to receive money as part of the settlement. Customers could receive a one-time payment of $15 to $100 depending upon how long they were a customer and how many claims are submitted.

How do you know if you're eligible?

You have to have been a Verizon Wireless or data services customer between January 01, 2016, and November 08, 2023, to be eligible for payout from the settlement.

Why are Verizon customers eligible for the cash?

When you look closely at your cell phone bill, there are all sorts of fees - regulatory, administrative, city, state, and other fees. CNN reports that four major lawsuits were brought into one class-action suit accusing Verizon Wireless of charging fees that were 'unfair and not adequately disclosed' to the customer.

At issue was the 'administrative charge', which alleges that Verizon's charges were misleading and were charged to customers deceptively and unfairly.

Verizon Wireless denies the claims in the case.

The company said in a statement, that it 'clearly identifies and describes its wireless consumer admin charge multiple times during the sales transaction, as well as in its marketing, contracts and billing.'

How to file a claim in the settlement.

Visit this website to begin the claims process. You will need information from the mailed postcard, the email that you received, or your phone number. The deadline to file is April 15th and those entitled to money that do not respond by this date will forfeit their claim money and have no further recourse to collect.

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