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Adopted in 1930, the motto for the state of Texas is 'Friendship'. Drive across the state line into Texas and you'll be greeted by the state signs that reads 'Welcome To Texas. Drive Friendly - The Texas Way'. So it's a bit surprising to learn that four of the largest cities in the Lone Star State are considered to be among the rudest in America.

I was surprised to see this headline because wherever I go in East Texas people seem to be friendly. People holding doors open for others coming and going. We're greeted with a friendly hello when we walk into a business or even while pumping gas, the person on the other side of the pump often times nods or gives a quick hello.

I do believe Texas is a friendly state.

However, the results of a survey are completely different. Four of the largest cities in Texas are being included in a ranking of the 50 rudest cities in the U.S.:

  • San Antonio #38
  • Houston #18
  • Austin #16
  • Dallas #14

According to the survey of nearly 2100 people, 2.3% felt San Antonio was rude, 5.3% said Houston was rude, 6.7% surveyed said Austin and 6.9% of the respondents said Dallas was rude. Thankfully Los Angeles and New York City aren't located in Texas because they were named the rudest cities in America.

I guess rudeness can be judged in many different ways though, including, cultural differences, along with an extremely fast-paced environment and coupled with a lot of traffic and congestion. However, once you look beyond those things, Texas is definitely a friendly place.

Get out of the urban jungle and you'll see that Texas and Texans are proud and extremely friendly!

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