A terrifying man in Houston viciously stabbed random drivers after flagging them down.


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Drivers in north Harris County were shocked as they drove by a menacing man holding a stuffed animal and a 7-inch knife. As cars drove by, the man would try flagging down random drivers to get close to them.


Authorities explain, that the man would flag down random drivers and then try to stab them when they got near, "He approaches the car -- waving them down and when they stop to see what’s going on, he stabs them," Harris County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Sidney Miller said.

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According to reports, one noticed the man and stopped to see what he needed. The man then approached the vehicle and stabbed the woman in the torso with a seven-inch knife. The woman quickly sped off and survived her injuries.


The man was able to flag down another person driving nearby. The suspect approached the vehicle and began to stab the driver multiple times. The driver tried to quickly take off and drive home to safety.

"Unfortunately, he drove home ... where he ended up collapsing in the driveway," Sgt. Miller said.

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Deputies were able to locate the suspect, who was still holding his knife. The suspect was then tased when he refused to drop his weapon. He was taken into custody. Officials say he did not live in the area but was staying with his aunt at the time.

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