A disgusting father is accused of drugging three girls during a sleepover.


57-year-old Michael Meyden faces serious charges after allegedly drugging three 12-year-old girls during a sleepover at his home. Meyden, who surrendered to Oregon authorities, has entered a not-guilty plea to charges of causing another person to ingest a controlled substance, amidst harrowing accusations laid out in court documents.

The accusations stem from a sleepover hosted for his daughter, during which Meyden is alleged to have laced mango smoothies with benzodiazepine—a medication typically used for treating insomnia and panic attacks. The aftermath left the girls feeling groggy, with some experiencing periods of blackout, as detailed in police reports.


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Further adding to the unsettling nature of the incident, court documents reveal Meyden's repeated visits to the basement where the girls were sleeping. He is accused of watching them sleep, and in one particularly disturbing account, holding his finger under one girl's nose and waving his hand in front of her face to check if she was awake.


In a desperate plea for safety, one of the girls texted her mother in the middle of the night, urgently requesting to be picked up due to feeling unsafe. 

“Mom please pick me up and say I had a family emergency. I don’t feel safe. I might not respond but please come get me. Please. Please pick up. Please. Please!!”

A family friend responded to her plea swiftly removed her from the situation and alerted her parents.

The situation escalated when other parents arrived at Meyden's home around 3 a.m. to collect their daughters. Meyden initially resisted the parents from entering his home but the parents were persistent and gained entry.

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