Move over, Pamplona's Running of the Bulls, because this wild spectacle is bound to become a legend in its own right.



If there is one thing that is less cool than joining a fraternity, it's joining a sorority.

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Take it easy, I'm just joking.  They're both equally as lame.

Yes, I'd Like to Buy Some Friends, Please.

Sorry, I know it's mean to pick on these kids.  I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, so the thought of paying thousands of dollars a year for friends is just so foreign to me.  I had to work through college and make friends at my job like a real American.


Just Downright Mean

The video at the bottom is pretty straightforward.  I guess they hold all these gals back and then release them to go find their rooms in their sorority house.  The person who posted the video captioned it "The cattle have been released."  Now, even though it very much looks like a stampede, that just seems like a mean comment. I don't condone that meanness, sir!  He also wrote below the video, "Let the gates of hell be open."  No sir, I can't condone either of those comments.  I definitely will not write about them in an article that will be seen by read by thousands of people.  No sir, not me.


Am I crazy, or are they all wearing the same dress, just in different colors?  And they are all for sure wearing the same white shoes.  All of them. I feel like this is a glitch in the matrix.


Where's my Frats at?

I'd love to see the Fraternity Bro version of this. It would be throngs of dudes wearing socks with sandals all sporting that terrible Edgar haircut.  Please somebody find that video for me. Please!  I need to make fun of somebody in order to feel better about myself.  I crave it.

Anywho, check out the video for yourself below.



@sosophiesoo let the gates of hell be open #utaustin #texasrush #bamarush #rushtok #utaustinrush ♬ I'll Fly Away - Ralph Stanley


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