Though a recent poll suggested that almost 70% of Texans would like to remain a part of the United States, the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) continues to state that if certain things happen, the Lone Star State might attempt to leave the union.

According To Newsweek, Daniel Miller President of TNM recently stated in his podcast released on March 26, 2024, that if Trump doesn't win in November it could start more talk of Texas leaving the US.

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He also mentioned other issues that could spark more calls for TEXIT:

  • Election interference
  • Immigration issues
  • Financial crisis
  • Further inflation

"If Texas were to face a crushing defeat in the Supreme Court on its border protection efforts you would see the ranks of TEXIT swell overnight, of the TNM, you would see TEXIT become the majority opinion [in Texas]."

The Message Rings Flat When Considering The Consequences

Texans can do anything they put their minds to, but even if popular opinion changes about staying a part of the US, Texas is too far in the pockets of the federal government to break away.

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Even if all of these things trigger a majority of people in Texas to want to leave, it means war with the United States and no more social security checks for over 4 million Texans. Government programs, roads, and more funding would hang in the balance.

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There is no easy way out of the country for Texas, nor any other state in the constitution. We have just as much chance as the other 50 states of leaving.

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