You may know someone who has had "botox" injections and had amazing results. The real name is Botulinum toxin, and many take the injections to remove fine lines and wrinkles.

In Texas getting certified to inject Botox could be as easy as an online course taken over the weekend. Though this seems like an easy step, there are many criminal cases ongoing in the state where unlicensed injections lead to medical emergencies.

According to KXAN no state licensing board oversees the esthetician, supervising physicians, and practices that provide the injections. Texas, Florida, Montana, and New Mexico are the only states lacking this type of oversight.

The Texas Medical Board And Local Law Enforcement Rely On Complaints

If someone is running a "med spa" and giving injections and other non-surgical procedures illegally, you would never know. It would only be after someone had a bad result and complained that anything might come to light.

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If there is a complaint and a physician is implicated, it will go to the Texas Medical Board. If no physician is involved, they can issue a cease and desist order.

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If the police get involved and catch someone who is practicing unlicensed Botox injections, they could get a third-degree felony for the unlicensed practice of medicine.

You Must Have A Physician Present Under Current Texas Law

If you are about to get an injection in your face, take the time to make sure that the person doing the injection is legit. Ask for the physician on-site; they should not be just a name on the wall.

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