It's hard not to top off the gas tank when you're just a few cents shy of a nice round number. Pretty much everybody does it. My folks did it when I was a kid, and so now, I do it too. If my total comes out to $19.82 or something, I'm going to shoot for getting the whole $20 into the tank and then pat myself on the back for not going a penny over my goal.

I had no idea, until today, that doing this is bad for your vehicle and could lead to major problems in the future.

TikTok creator @kudoscarsales shared a video about the importance of NOT topping off your tank, and it's going viral. People are totally shook.

Check it out below:

Overfilling the gas tank can have a devastating effect on your EVAP system. He explains in the video that going one click over probably isn't going to do any damage, but trying to cram in more than just one click could be super bad for your car.

The last thing I need is more car problems, especially if I'm the one causing them...

So, just a little food for thought! You might want to share this tidbit of information with your folks, your kids, and other people gassing up at the pump. Knowledge is power!

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