Are these really the hardest working cities in Texas?

Image by Christian Dorn from Pixabay/PIXLR
Image by Christian Dorn from Pixabay/PIXLR

Texas Works Hard

A new report reveals the hardest working cities in America, but how hard are the people in your neighborhood working? The answer is, very hard. Texas has three cities in the top ten and nine in the top twenty! Even the cities that were not in the top twenty were way up on the list.

How They Were Chosen

Wallet Hub based their methodology on direct work factors like workweek hours and the employment rate, and indirect work favors like commute time and share of workers with multiple jobs. It’s a very intensive set of criteria that they’ve set out, and Texas delivered (It that’s a good thing).

And The Winner Is…

Coming in at #1 for Texas and #2 overall was Irving, Texas. The city actually led in the metric “Households where no adults work” and it boosted them up the list. Also in the top ten over all were Dallas at #7 and Austin at #10. Congratulations to the entire top ten but I have to say the rest of the cities from Texas that were included we not too shabby (That is, if you think "working hard" is a good thing).

The Runners Up

Texas stays strong through the list of 116 cities. Coming in at #12 is Corpus Christi, then Plano at #13, Fort Worth at #14, Arlington at #15, Laredo is at #18, and Garland is at #19. Heading lower on the list, but still high overall were #27 Houston, #41 Lubbock, #43 San Antonio, and #55 El Paso. I think it speaks volumes that the lowest rank is #55 out of 116.

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