Water levels in the Neches River near Evadale have dropped so low due to the recent drought in Texas, that an old sunken wooden ship has been revealed.  The Texas Historical Commission is now involved in the discovery, looking for answers as to where it came from and just how old it is.

They are currently estimating that the ship is from the early 20th century and that it is made from wood. It's a very large vessel. The ship's discoverer, Bill Milner, hopes that the ship can be preserved in some way. There is even talk about a historical memorial being added to the location when the ship has been thoroughly investigated by a team of professionals.

I think it's pretty neat. Who wouldn't want to come across a sunken ship? It's like something out of a storybook. Check out a video of the discovery below, posted on YouTube by 12NewNow:

According to a recent article by KVUE, the Neches River used to be a rather busy waterway, beginning all the way back in the 1800s. The river was used by wooden ships to carry things like cotton and lumber, as well as ferries and old riverboats that carried sightseers, gamblers, and various partygoers.

Pretty cool stuff, huh? If you find it as fascinating as I do, make sure you download our station app. I'll be giving you updates on the wrecked vessel as soon as they become available.

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