This hilarious viral video is definitely relatable for anyone working out in the oilfield during the hottest months of the year, especially in Texas. I've heard horror stories from my guy friends about what it's like to sweat to death while trying to do your business in a steaming hot porta-potty. May the Lord have mercy on anyone that has to do it on a daily basis. I just could NOT.

If I ever complain about my job, someone please remind me how lucky I am to have indoor plumbing and A/C when it's hot as crud outside. We might have terrible toilet paper here, but at least I don't have to sweat bullets in a hot plastic box full of other people's poo. No thanks.

Enjoy this hilarious video, and my apologies in advance if there is a bunch of foul language. I don't speak Spanish, and I can only imagine what he might be saying, which makes this whole ordeal even funnier.

The comment section is cracking me up. Here are some of my faves:

"ol boy ready for a calendar photo shoot"

"he def sent this to the crew"

"The first breeze you feel when you get out is A1"

"Boots still in the pants"

"me in the porta potty next to him wondering if he's fighting for his life with all that noise"

"We all been through that my guy"

Be sure to hug someone that works out in this miserable heat and tell them how much you appreciate them, and share this video with all of your pals that can relate. Stay hydrated out there, guys!

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