It's not just the largest acorn in Texas, guys. The Nut House claims to be the largest acorn in the world! It's a neat Airbnb property in Aubrey, Texas, where visitors are "suspended amongst the trees" in a big nut.

According to the Airbnb listing, The Nut House is only a few minutes away from downtown Denton, and it's also one of the top 100 OMG Airbnb winners. It's been recognized across the globe for being pretty spiffy.

The Nut House is set on 15 acres of private land and features a king-size bed in the upstairs loft and a full kitchenette with all of the essentials. The only downside to spending the night in The Nut House might be the little walk you have to make to get to the bathroom. It's located up a short pathway from the house, and if you don't mind the walk, the facilities look pretty nice. They even have a rain shower.

Check out a gallery of The Nut House below:

Spend The Night in The Largest Acorn in Texas

This Texas Airbnb is pretty nuts!

Gallery Credit: Chrissy

What do you think? Are you nutty enough to spend the night in The Nut House? I think it looks like a lot of fun. It also looks like it's usually booked, and it's not the cheapest of places to stay. Still, it seems like a fun place for a unique weekend getaway.

For more information on The Nut House, visit the Airbnb page by clicking here.

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