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Texas recently ranked #1 for creating more jobs across The U.S. So are you looking for a new place to work and can't seem to get hired? It just might be what you are wearing, what you are saying, or what you are doing during that particular job interview that can negatively affect your getting your next dream job.

Since Covid many employers across the Lone Star State still do remote job interviews and that in itself, makes it so much harder to get a good feel for how the interview is going. If it's an in-person interview that brings everything you say, how you look, and what you do into focus.

Ringover.com just surveyed 1,200 employers that do both remote and/or in-person job interviews. The list of reasons why many employers throughout Texas do not hire someone is long, but these are the top things to keep in mind when interviewing for your next job.

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It took me several years to finally learn why I kept botching all my job interviews but once I learned what I was doing wrong I began getting hired and for more positions than I applied for. The following are some of the reasons employers revealed why applicants are not being hired.

These are the Top 11 Reasons Why Employers Will Say Not Hireable!

  1. 35.8% - Being late for the interview
  2. 30.7% - Not researching the company before the interview
  3. 28.4% - Getting the name of the company wrong
  4. 28.2% - Not being properly dressed
  5. 25.4% - Talking about yourself and/or personal issues
  6. 25.3% - Using "Filler" words like: "umm" "aah" and "err"
  7. 24.7% - Using words such as: "like," "literally,"  and "you know"
  8. 24.7% - Rearranging the interview on the day of the interview
  9. 24.5% - Making jokes and/or using "banter"
  10. 24.4% - Getting your name wrong
  11. 20.3% - At the end of the interview not ask any questions or too many

If you take the above reasons employers don't hire as a guide of "what to avoid," your next job interview may go a lot better. Good Luck.

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