So I'm working on getting my mowing started when all of a sudden two big trucks one is a big bucket truck. They just came off the road and drove to the side of my house in the grass and around into my backyard without saying hello, sic'em, or goodbye. Then they parked in the middle of my backyard on the grass.

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So, I asked one of the drivers what they were doing on my property and why did they just drive in the middle of my backyard on the grass. The gentleman says "We're with the local fiber optics company (I'll leave them nameless) that provides high-speed internet and we're installing these fiber optic cables on the utility poles on the back side of your property."

Can they legally do that? They just drove in like my yard was an old dirt road, granted my yard doesn't look the 18th green at the country club, but they're clearly leaving ruts in my yard and now the dog is barking like crazy. Besides, why wasn't I notified before they started what they were doing?

After calling a few friends that are with the City of Abilene and Taylor County, I was correct In my assessment that they have the FULL LEGAL right to access those utility poles on my neighbor's property. The reason they're in my yard is because they have no access through my neighbor's land behind me.

In Texas, whether the local cable or utility company can drive across your yard with or without permission depends on the existence of an easement right-of-way for said property. If there is a valid and recorded easement or right-of-way on the property in question that grants the cable/utility company full access to install, maintain, or repair its infrastructure.

However, if there is no such recorded agreement, the cable company cannot drive across the yard without the property owner's permission. Unauthorized entry onto the property could be considered trespassing, which is a violation of property rights in Texas.

It's important to know one's own property deeds, title documents, and any utility easements or agreements that may exist.

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