Arizona and Public Transporation

In Arizona, it's almost impossible to get anywhere without your own vehicle. Even in larger metropolitan areas like Phoenix and Tucson, everything is so spread out, if you have access to public transportation, it could take you all day just to get across town. One way!

With the rise of rideshare companies, getting from place to place has gotten a little easier. Still, even a short ride could get expensive if you rely on them to get you where you need to go all the time.

Arizona Drivers: Check Your Vehicle for These Major Violations

If it's available to you, it's nice to have a car, truck, or motorcycle in Arizona. There's so much open road, driving is not only a necessity but also fun and a treasured symbol of freedom in the West.

Owning a vehicle is a responsibility. Not just to make sure your passengers are safe, but everyone on the road is safe, too. If you're not willing or able to maintain your vehicle, you might not have a choice if you're pulled over by law enforcement for one of these violations.

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Seven Things That Could Make Your Car Illegal to Drive in Arizona

We've compiled a list of seven vehicle violations that will make your ride illegal to drive in Arizona. If you're pulled over, you might get a fix-it ticket. If it's bad enough, or if you receive multiple violations but don't make the repairs, you could lose your car altogether.

Before it comes to that, check out our list, then check your vehicle. The ride you save could be your own. | | ]

7 Major Issues That Make Your Arizona Vehicle Illegal to Drive

If your vehicle has any of these issues, you could be in for some hefty fines. These seven items can make your vehicle illegal to drive in Arizona.

Gallery Credit: Val Davidson/TSM

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