Pets are likely one of humanity's greatest achievements. We found a way to domesticate even the most wild animals and turn them into cuddly sweethearts that yell at us when we don't feed them enough.

What a life.

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Despite the wide variety of animals that can be taken home and loved, most states have one that rises above the rest.

Pet Ownership in the U.S.

Across the United States, pet ownership demographics seem to stay stagnant. Most states have around a 50% pet ownership rate, with most of those states preferring dogs to cats.

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Wyoming has the highest percentage of pet owners at 71.8% of the state, while the District of Columbia has the lowest, with 38.2%.

It looks like Idahoans prefer dogs the most, with 58.3% of pet owners choosing man's best friend, while those in Vermont prefer cats.

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Pet Ownership in Arizona

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Arizona is right in the middle of the pack in terms of ownership, with 58% of the state owning pets. Of those 58%, 43% own dogs and 26.4% own cats. The average home in Arizona owns 1.8 dogs or 2 cats.

Unfortunately, Arizonans don't love their dogs as much as other states, as we scored a 40.03 out of 100 on devotion to your dog. 36.5% of responders mentioned that they would be willing to spend over $4,000 on their pet, while only 7% said they'd stay at a job they hate for their dog.

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Overall, Arizonans love dogs more than cats, but we're lacking behind the rest of the country, so let's start getting those numbers up! Tell your pet you love them, play with them as much as possible, and let's make Arizona the pet capital of the world!

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