With any election between two hotly contested figures, controversy is inevitable. One of the most prime examples of this is the 2000 presidential election, when massive election fraud struck the state of Florida.

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History seems to find a way to repeat itself, and 20 years later it did, but this time Arizona was caught in the crossfire and the state is doing everything it can to avoid a repeat.

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The 2020 Election Fiasco

Until 2016, politics had remained a somewhat civil, if not silly establishment. With the rise and election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States, both sides of the political spectrum were raised into a frenzy. Right Wingers believed that Trump was America's savior while Left Wingers saw him as equivalent to the anti-Christ.

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This party division reached its breaking point in 2020 when former Obama VP Joe Biden took on the incumbent. I've never seen an election day like it. Everyone believed that this was the world's turning point no matter what happened.

When we finally reached election day, we realized how divided the country had really become, almost to a 50/50 split. The election was so close that it all came down to Arizona.

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When the dust settled, Biden won Arizona by about 10,000 votes, about as close as you can make it.

The Aftermath and 2024

After escaping by the skin of his teeth, Joe Biden was the next president of the United States and Donald Trump was not happy to say the least. He and his supporters believed  there was massive election fraud going on, specifically in the Grand Canyon state.

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After the chaos had blown over, the republican-led Arizona Senate began an investigation on election workers, sites, and anything else that could have stolen the election. While their results came up negative, many still believe that it was in the Sonoran desert that Trump was robbed.

With all of that only four years ago, it makes sense that election officials would be on edge. We were the spotlight of America in November 2020, and we're trying to do everything we can to avoid that again.

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Focus on Arizona from those passionate about the election has yet to cease, and the Department of Justice has been cracking down on anyone who might pose a threat to this year's election results.

Rebels from Ohio, Iowa, and Massachusetts have all been convicted for crimes against Arizona election officials, and that will likely keep up until some time after the 2024 election.

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