My weakness is ALLLLL FOOD and up there on MY list is Fettuccine Alfredo…the creamy, parmesan cheese mixed with butter and scrumptious pasta…AHHHH…I have to fit to work on my ABS for summer 2017!!!  Anywho, today is National Fettuccine Alfredo Day!

It all started back in 1908 when a gent named Alfredo Di Lelio created a mix of cheese, butter, and noodles for his wife who had lost her appetite after giving birth.  Well Mrs. Di Lelio ate it and told her hubby to put it, on their menu in their restaurant in Rome.  It has been one of the world's FAVORITE temptation!

So I decided to check out yelp and found the top 7 (why 7, cause I could EAT 7 plates of  fettuccine alfredo) fettuccine alfredo rankings!

#7.  Sorrento Italian Restaurant; 5325 Dyer, Northeast; They got 3 stars with 41 reviews.  Let me tell you I was raised on this Romantic HOT spot and ambiance doesn't put the cherry on this dish, NOTHING will!  Oh, it's LOCALLY owned!

#6.  Olive Garden Italian Restaurant; 1870 Joe Battle, Upper Far East; This location got 3 1/2 stars with 25 reviews.  I know this is a franchise, but you will usually see a line especially at this localè (this is in my area of town and when I pass via the Loop is see the line)  Please keep grating the cheese a top meal, PLZ!

#5.  Dominic's Italian Restaurant; 6901 Montana, East Central; Ranking with 3 1/2 stars with 65 reviews.  The John Family have brought this local bistro into our world and mouths for years, check out the yumminess!

#4.  Monteleone's; 3023 Gateway East, Central; Comes in with 4 stars and 18 reviews.  Other than being featured on national TV's, 'Paranormal Witness' and having the best entrance and italian features inside, it has the fettuccine alfredo down to a creamy T!

#3.  Mi Piaci Ristorante Italiano; 5411 N Mesa, Westside; Makes its way with 3 1/2 stars.  Snuggled in Pepper Tree Square with over 12 years in the Sun City.  You have your choice of alfredo, tomato, or marinara sauce.  El Paso Chef Cosimo Battaglia knows his STUFF!

#2.  Italian Kitchen; 2923 Pershing; 5 Points; Jumps in with 4 stars and 18 reviews.  This place has been around since I was kid.  Yes it is in an old home and yes each room has been converted into different seating areas and YES the fettuccine alfredo IS DANG GEWD!


Trattoria Bella Sera; 9449 Montana; Eastside; GETS 4 FULL estrella's and 123 reviews!  I was lucky enough to go with family last year and am gonna agree the fettuccine alfredo was soooooooooooo YUMMY-FUL…I wanna eat that RIGHT NOW!

Okie Dokie, did yelp get it right?!  Let's TALK about!

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