Today, July 11th, you can get a free, SMALL, Slurpee at any 7/11 store in the U.S. and Canada only. Here are some fun facts about the Slurpee. Every day 11.6 million Slurpees are consumed around the world. The name "Slurpee" was coined by Bob Stanford, a 7/11 ad agency director, (for the sound made when you're about to finish one). There are currently 117 different Slurpee flavors available around the world. Although there are over 46,000 thousand 7/11 stores in 16 countries, including these 2 countries, you cannot buy a Slurpee in Mexico or Japan, (although there are some bootleg slurpee machines there).  Slurpee's can cause "Brain Freeze". To make Brain Freeze go away quicker, rub the roof of your mouth with your thumb in an up and down motion quickly. Now, go out and enjoy your free Slurpee today..!!