El Pasoans seem to love fresh leafy greens and herbs, according to photos posted from multiple Farmers' Markets around town. People who go out super early to shop for these products on weekends must really love that freshness because I know leafy greens are not going to get me up on the weekends.

What does get my attention is a hydroponic greenhouse.

Now, what is a hydroponic greenhouse? According to rurallivingtoday.com, it means "to grow crops in water."

Why is this type of farming better? Some believe hydroponic crops produce better quality products since they are not using pesticides or aren't exposed to soil-borne pests, diseases, and fungus.

Luckily, we have one close to El Paso.

Anthony, Texas is home to Sweet Roots, a hydroponic greenhouse. A one-woman production, Jackie explains her plan for her farm in the YouTube video below.

This new way of farming is something from a sci-fi movie, in my opinion. Nothing like that Matt Damon and his poop potatoes.

I love that Jackie shares her story about growing up on her Grandfather's pecan farm as the inspiration for creating her own farm. The big difference in her type of farming is the missing soil.

As our world changes and many people are trying to adjust to new ways to produce food and save our earth, we might just have to take a page out of Jackie's book. While she continues to grow her produce, her business is starting to bloom.

For those who want to purchase her greens and herbs, you are going to have to follow her social media for specific days she is selling around town or at her farm.

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