Homecoming is a special time for high schoolers. It's a huge spectacle for an entire week with students making their case to become homecoming king and queen. It's a huge deal to find the perfect mum, or in many cases, mums, to adorn a young lady's cheerleader, twirling or drill team uniform. The whole town then shuts down on Friday night to attend that night's homecoming football game against it's rival. Homecoming is a big deal in Texas. One Corpus Christi mum maker took that hugeness to a whole new level for this year.

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I remember my high school days in Lindale, especially around homecoming. The guys would have these little flowers with four or five foot long streamers, maybe a bell or a whistle or a plastic football dangling from it, looped around their forearm. The ladies, though, would have this huge flower surrounded by a fancy background with about sixteen or so streamers as tall as they are, their name in glitter on one of those streamers, a minimum of three mini cowbells dangling from smaller streamers, a plastic cheer bell or plastic boot hanging by another streamer weighing at about five pounds.

Then their boyfriend would get them one just as big followed by their favorite aunt and possibly grandparents leaving the poor girl with about 80 pounds of flower and streamers safety penned to her shirt. Yes, it is ridiculous but it is the tradition of homecoming in Texas. I went to Lindale's homecoming game last Friday (October 15) and saw that those traditions haven't changed.

Which brings me to this find on TikTok. It is from Oh My Goodness Boutique in Corpus Christi. Nancy Masden makes mums there and decided to create one that takes up about a fourth of a football field. This mum is 78 feet long, weighs in at about 300 pounds and, as scene in their TikTok video, needs a crane to lift it.

@ohmygoodnesscctx##largestlocallyowneddoityourselfcraftstoreincc ##corpuschristitexas ##craftstorecorpuschristi ##omgcctx♬ Deep In The Heart Of Texas (Album Version) - Moe Bandy

So yeah, this is Texas homecoming in one short video, huge.

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