I haven't been on Twitter too long but I can't get off of it now! It is so addicting and so much better than Facebook, in my opinion. I just wish I had this tutorial when I had signed up!

So you got a Twitter account. Now what? All I hear is "How do I use this thing?" Here are some Twitter guidelines that are pretty general and easy to get you going on your Twitter way.

  • What Is A Tweet? A tweet is a single post of 140 characters or less, which can include mentions to other users, hashtags, links, or simply regular text. Kind of like the "What's on your mind" post on Facebook.
  • What is a Retweet? A retweet is like sharing a status on Facebook. You Retweet someone's tweet because you like it and want people who follow you to see it. This is often abbreviated as "RT".
  • What is a trending topic? A trending topic is just as it states. It is something at the time that is, what the Twitter world calls a "trend". Just like a trend in fashion, it is something everyone on Twitter is talking about. For example after the VMA's Miley Cyrus was a Trending Topic.
  • What is a hashtag? A hashtag is simply a means of search. If I wanted to find all the tweets ever tweeted about Miley Cyrus, I would simply search #MileyCyrus this is what the result page would look like:

    5. Lastly, this is what your personal page will look like:

    If you click on the profile picture area you can change your default pic and the backround image. It really isn't too hard you just have to use it to figure it out. Tweet away and don't forget to follow KISS-FM @kisselpaso!