We are a curious nation. We wonder about the really important stuff, like how to tip cows and how to catch Pokemon.

And whenever we want to learn something, what do most of us do? That's right, type it into Google.

But all that weird stuff you wonder about doesn't go unnoticed.

The real estate blog Estately did some research of its own to find out the most common "how to" question residents of each state Google more than all the others, and apparently a lot of Texans are in dire financial straits because more of us want to know "how to sell your soul" than people in any other state.

I can honestly say that has never crossed my mind. I'd be open to renting it, but selling it outright ... yeah, no. But who knows, I might change my mind if I have to pay for further repairs to my car.

Our neighbors to the west, on the other hand, have more important issues than waiting for Beelzebub to come collect his due.

New Mexicans, it appears, have no game. Well, at least the fellas don't. The number one how-to there is "how to ask a girl out."

Neither though, is as bad as the state of Indiana. The number question residents of that state Google is "how to Google something." I'll just wait here while the irony and absurdity of that sinks in.

There's plenty more where that came from. Check out the map below to see what those in the other 47 states are asking Google to teach them.