Every day, an estimated 1 billion people prove that a picture is worth a thousand words in their daily text correspondence, and year after year, iPhone users await Apple's latest emoji rollout. Now, the wait is over!

As part of the Apple iOS 15.4 update, 38 new emojis are now available at your fingertips.

From the K-pop finger heart to a shiny disco ball and hamsa, these new icons will undoubtedly enhance your conversations, making them more interesting and creative.

Check Out the New 2022 iPhone Emojis:

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Here are all the new iPhone emojis currently available for 2022:

1. Melting face
2. Face with open eyes and hand over mouth
3. Face with eyes peeking from behind hands
4. Saluting half face
5. Dotted line face
6. Face with diagonal mouth
7. Face holding back tears
8. Rightward hand
9. Leftward hand
10. Palm down hand
11. Palm up hand
12. Finger heart
13. Index finger pointing at the viewer
14. Heart hands
15. Biting lip
16. Person with crown
17. Pregnant man
18. Pregnant person
19. Troll
20. Coral
21. Lotus
22. Empty nest
23. Nest with eggs
24. Beans
25. Liquid pouring out of a glass
26. Mason jar
27. Playground slide
28. Wheel
29. Ring buoy
30. Hamsa
31. Disco mirror ball
32. Low battery
33. Single crutch
34. X-ray
35. Bubbles
36. Identification card
37. Thick equal sign
38. Multiracial handshakes

Need help getting the new Apple iOS 15.4 update? Here's an easy step-by-step guide.

How to Get the Apple iOS 15.4 Update on Your iPhone:

STEP 1: Open your iPhone and click on the "Settings" tab to locate "General."

Apple iOS Update Step 1

STEP 2: On the "General" page, select "Software Update."

Apple iOS Update Step 1

STEP 3: On the "Software Update" page, click "Automatic Updates" and then select "Download and Install."

Pro Tip: To never miss another emoji rollout, you can allow your iPhone to automatically update by selecting both "Download iOS Updates" and "Install iOS Updates." They will appear green when activated.

Apple iOS Update Step 1

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