WILL KARINA SMIRNOFF'S PLAYBOY DEBUT GET HER FIRED???!!!: HUGH HEFNER’S tweet Wednesday announcing "Dancing With the Stars" pro dancer KARINA SMIRNOFF was not only next months "Playboy" magazine cover girl, but would be featured in a nude spread as well is said to have ABC executives in a panic.

So is firing Karina even a possibility? Perhaps. Word is she's reportedly violated the terms of her contract by not getting the consent of the show's bosses.

One top executive told the Popeater gossip site, “This is a family show and a cash cow. We’re not going to let our reputation be soiled by a dancer naked in Playboy” Yes, despite skimpy clothes and sexy dances, "DWTS" *is* categorized as family TV.

WITNESS EVA'S NEAR WARDROBE MALFUNCTION: EVA LONGORIA learned the other night why you should always wear a bra on TV ...


Check out her near wardrobe malfunction here.

Eva, by the way, was reduced to tears by PIERS MORGAN on his show last night as she spoke publicly for the first time about her failed marriage to TONY PARKER.


She called it‘heartbreaking’ saying one of the hardest things was trying to discover her new identity after the break-up, and conceded it had been a humiliating experience, especially since it played out so publicly. Asked if she had any regrets, she said: 'I do not regret getting married nor do I regret getting divorced.' She also wished Parker nothing but love.


INSURANCE COMPANY TO PARIS 'WE'LL SEE YOU IN COURT': PARIS HILTON is being sued for failing to return $60,000 worth of borrowed jewelry.

She claims the diamonds were stolen from her in a robbery in 2008 – which is true – however, cops busted the burglars last year, and returned all the items to Paris. Her reps say "only costume jewelry was recovered." The lawsuit accuses Hilton of negligence and breach of contract.

Speaking of Paris ... Now that she’s turned 30, Paris is said to be freaking out about it: she was just overheard telling everyone within earshot as she raced around the beauty counters at a Beverly Hills Neiman-Marcus she “hate(ed) getting old!”

One shopper says Paris told the counter girl, “I woke up on my birthday last month, took one look in the mirror, and all of a sudden I had three new lines, not to mention the cellulite that’s suddenly appeared. I look so gross!” By the time she left, she’d plunked down more than a thousand dollars on various anti-aging potions, skin-firming creams and exfoliants.

DENISE RICHARDS SHOWS US HER TWEETS: DENISE RICHARDS was not happy with E! Online alleging she's keeping quiet on CHARLIE SHEEN'S antics -- like having the crowd at his recent Cleveland show join him in a chant of ""F- that bitch!" -- to ensure he keeps paying child support.


Denise tweeted, "4 the record child support is just that. Its not 'hush' money, I get it if I open my mouth or not. I am not paid to be quiet!" She then harrumphed and hit 'send'.

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