LOHAN LUNACY - WTF WAS UP WITH HER MAKEUP???: Given that Lindsay run-ins with the law seem to be quarterly occurrences, it was her bizarre makeup that was the bigger topic of discussion among the tabloids and gossip sites. She showed up wearing heavy eye shadow and blush that looked more suited for a Halloween party than court.

LOHAN LUNACY - PROBATION REVOKED, LINDSAY CUFFED: LINDSAY LOHAN was handcuffed and escorted from her hearing yesterday after Judge Stephanie Sautnera revoked her probation. The actress was freed after posting $100,000 bail and is due back in court November 2nd, when it will be decided if she has violated her probation. If that's the case, Lindsay could be sent to back to jail.

Until then ... Linds must spend 16 hours working in the Los Angeles morgue before her next court appearance. Word is she'll do janitorial work like emptying trash, vacuuming and cleaning toilets. She might see corpses, but a police spokesman says, quote, "She will not be touching, handling or processing any dead people."

LOHAN LUNACY - MUG SHOT: Here's Lindsay's mugshot, in which she seems to have rubbed all the makeup off her cheeks. And as an added bonus, here's Lindsay's booking sheet, in which they mistakenly listed her sex as MALE!


SNOOP DOGG SHOWS US HIS TWEETS: Birthday boy SNOOP DOGGY DOGG has some words of encouragement for Lindsay Lohan, and he knows all about breaking the law. “Keep ya headup lindsay lohan!", he tweeted. "Wow! Revoked probation on both cases!” When even Snoop Dogg is surprised at your legal situation, you know you done messed up.

WATCH: This is hilarious, but let’s let BEYONCE do the singing from here on out, shall we?

CELEBRITIES WITHOUT MAKEUP - OLIVIA WILDE: According to a few recent polls, OLIVIA WILDE is The Sexiest Woman in the World. But what about without makeup? We Report, You Decide ...

COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP - JESSICA SIMPSON WON'T ADMIT SHE'S PREGNANT UNLESS SHE GETS PAID:  JESSICA SIMPSON has been hiding an obvious bump in recent photos in what may be Hollywood's worst kept secret, but word is she won't confirm anything to anyone until she has a magazine deal in place. Sources told Page Six that Simpson, with the help of her father/manager, Joe Simpson, have been shopping a deal to the celebrity weeklies to announce the news and sell the eventual baby photos. According to the Post, the Simpsons are asking up to $500,000 to close the deal.

OK! CONFIRMS JESSICA'S PREGNANCY VIA ANONYMOUS SOURCE: OK! magazine has gone the anonymous sources route to a matter of factly state that Jessica Simpson is indeed pregnant. The magazine quotes a close friend of Jessie's as confirming that Jessica has been fetused by fiance Eric Johnson, and that the wedding will be postponing until the baby is born. The source said, "Jessica is so excited. She joked, 'Well, now I can eat anything I want and no one will care. It's just sort of a rule with pregnant women.' But it was typical Jessica that she was making a joke of it."

IN DENIAL - SCARLETT JOHANSSON: Gossip sites on the Internet yesterday were all abuzz with the news that SCARLETT JOHANSSON had a new man in her life, "50-50" star Joseph Gordon-Levitt."Us Weekly" even reported the two were spotted on a date together and that there was some snoggin' going on, but his rep says it never happened. A spokesperson for the actor said, "Joseph wasn't even in NYC the night that US Weekly is reporting they were spotted together."

CONRAD MURRAY'S MANSLAUGHER TRIAL RESUMES: Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial resumed yesterday after five days of recess. Jurors heard testimony from Dr. Steven Shafer, an anesthesiologist and expert on propofol, the drug that killed Michael Jackson. Shafer called Murray's treatment of Jackson "egregious," "difficult to comprehend" and "inexcusable." He claimed Murray made 17 different "infractions" that could have contributed to the MJ's death. Dr. Murray's lawyers will cross-examine Shafer today, then begin calling their own witnesses. They're expected to wrap up their case sometime next week.

DANNY MASTERSON MAKES THE BIG MISTAKE: "That '70s Show" star Danny Masterson made THE BIG MISTAKE yesterday and married his girlfriend of eight years, Bijou Phillips, in a private castle in Ireland.

A small group of family and friends, including the groom's brother and best man, Chris Masterson, attended the ceremony.

One person who wasn't there was Danny's "That '70s Show" co-star ASHTON KUTCHER.

But he's probably on a short leash these days. Maybe you've heard something about that?

WATCH: TAYLOR SWIFT talks to ELLEN about what's going on in her dating life. Specifically, the man she's spending the most time with.

And by "man" she means "TV show" ...