NEW BRANGELINA WEDDING RUMORS: ANGELINA JOLIE was spotted over the weekend in Australia, with what appears to be a new gold band on her ring finger. She's wearing it along with the engagement ring BRAD PITT gave her last year. (PHOTO)

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So does this mean they're already married, and they managed to hide it from us? ¯\(°_o)/¯ They reportedly obtained a marriage license in France in February which required them to tie the knot within 90 days, so it's plausible. So far there hasn't been a confirmation or denial, but the ring has many thinking it may have happened.

KIM KARDASHIAN SHOWS US HER PICS: KIM KARDASHIAN posted a snapshot of herself with some Givenchy VIP. Mostly, though, it's of her decolletage ...


Here are a few more looks at Kim's daring dress with the extreme plunging neckline. Sassy! (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

KHLOE KARDASHIAN/LAMAR ODOM MARRIAGE WATCH: LAMAR ODOM was spotted yesterday (Tuesday) at the home he once shared with Khloe Kardashian. No word on what went down, but word is she's "drawn a clear line in the sand: get help or stay away." But Lamar believes he can kick his drug problem on his own. He's also reportedly telling friends that he will sober up and play basketball again this season.

Meanwhile ... photos on TMZ show Lamar looking extremely thin, and sources claim he's not only still on drugs, he's allegedly even started freebasing! (PHOTO)

MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ OPENS UP ABOUT HER SEXUALITY: There’s been a lot of speculation regarding MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ'S sexuality and now she’s finally putting all those rumors to rest.

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“I've never walked the carpet with anyone, so they wonder: What does she do with her vagina?" she rhetorically asks EW. "Plus, I play a butchy girl all the time, so they assume I'm a lesbo." As for whether those assumptions are correct, the "Fast & Furious" star admits to going both way. "I do as I please. I am too f--king curious to sit here and not try when I can. Men are intriguing. So are chicks."

UPDATE - MICHAEL DOUGLAS AND CATHERINE ZETA HAVE NOT, I REPEAT, NOT RECONCILED: Word on the World Wide Web of Celebrity Relationship Speculation was that MICHAEL DOUGLAS and CATHERINE ZETA-JONES were “tentatively attempting a reconciliation” and that Michael had moved back in to their New York apartment.

Well, not so fast there, Skippy. People magazine has a source that's telling them they are not living together again, but there are still talking things out and they are still wearing their wedding rings.

THEN AND NOW - ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER'S LOVE CHILD: Remember the illegitimate child ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER fathered with his former maid that we learned about back in 2011? Well, the kid is 16 now and looking more and more like his dad everyday. This is what Joseph looked like when the scandal first broke, (BEFORE) this is him today (NOW) and this is Arnold in his prime (BUFF)

SHARON OSBOURNE DISCUSSES LAST YEAR'S MARITAL TROUBLES IN AUTOBIOGRAPHY: OZZY OSBOURNE may appear to be out of it, but he’s no dummy. He scoffed at his wife’s Sharon’s request for a divorce in the summer of 2012 because he had no desire to split his fortune with her.

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In her upcoming autobiography, Unbreakable, Sharon writes, “I would never have imagined our [30th] anniversary would be the beginning of one of the worst periods in our turbulent marriage… Something snapped. I thought, ‘I can’t carry this crap any more. It’s what I have always done –- and I’m tired.’ I said, ‘I want a divorce.’

I was expecting him to be mortified, but his reply was something like a sneer. I said, ‘I am serious. I want half of everything; that is my right. I also want $162,000 a month.’ I knew money was Ozzy’s Achilles heel, and the thought of losing it might have more impact than the thought of losing me. ‘Over my dead body,’ he said.” The couple soon reconciled, and he's been sober for the past year.