ARE SCAR JO AND PENN TOGETHER AGAIN!!!: Breakup? What breakup? When we last left SCARLETT JOHANSSON and SEAN PENN "People" magazine was declaring the romance over. Done. Kaput.

Last night they posed for the above pic backstage at the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards. So what's the real deal? Don't look at us, we don't know either.

HAVE TIMBERLAKE AND BIEL REUINTED???!!!: Exes JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and JESSICA BIEL briefly reunited last week ... but it doesn't appear there was anything romantic going on. They both attended a party for the wife of J.T.'s business partner Trace Ayala and witnesses tell E! they were civil to each other but "there was no PDA...they ate and sat next to each other." And when it was time to leave, the source adds, "They hugged goodbye and kissed each other on the cheek."

MTV MOVIE AWARDS MEMORABLE MOMENT: While presenting the first award on last night's MTV Movie Awards, Justin Timberlake responded to romance rumors by grabbing MILA KUNIS' breasts ...

She responded by grabbing his crotch ...

ROMANCE REPORT - CAMERON DIAZ AND A-ROD HAVE BROKEN UP!!! ... OR HAVE THEY???: It looks like ALEX RODRIGUEZ has benched CAMERON DIAZ. An insider tells "People" magazine that A-Rod ended the one-year romance, but adds that "they have broken up and gotten back together before, so [I'm] not sure [the break up is] forever."

 CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS: "Cinderella Man" Paul Giamatti celebrates a birthday today. Here's who else turns a year older.

IN DENIAL - HAYDEN PANETTIERE AND MARK SANCHEZ: Jets quarterback MARK SANCHEZ and HAYDEN PANETTIERE are both denying they're dating. Hayden swore to "Us Weekly" there is nothing going on.

Quote, "I swear I'm not dating him at all. Honestly. I'm a huge Jets fan and became very good friends with him and his buddies." She added she's just one of those chicks who has "a lot of dude friends." They appear to have their stories straight, because Mark told TMZ basically the same thing, saying, "no I'm not dating Hayden…I promise."

ROMANCE REPORT - KIM KARDASHIAN, KRIS HUMPHRIES WORKING OUT PRE-NUP: KIM KARDASHIAN might've gotten a $2 million engagement ring, but that's not stopping her from protecting her fortune.

TMZ reports she and fiancee KRIS HUMPHRIES are hammering out a pre-nup before making THE BIG MISTAKE later this summer. For the record, Kim is estimated to be worth $35 million -- Kris comes in at about $8 million.

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY'S GIRL FIGHT FINALE: Last night's season finale of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" did not lack for drama, with a girl-fight taking center stage!!!

Here's what happened: Tamra - ticked about Jeana's leaks to the press - slapped her with a cease-and-desist order while screaming, "Stay out of my f'ing life!" at a party Vicki threw to celebrate her divorce. Tamra responded by throwing her drink at Jeana, and it was on!!!

BABY NEWS - PIERS MORGAN AND WIFE EXPECTING: CNN host and "America’s Got Talent" judge Piers Morgan and wife are expecting their first child together.

The couple tied the knot last June after four years of dating. This will be the fourth child for Morgan, who has three sons from his first marriage.

JENNIFER ANISTON HOT AT GUYS CHOICE AWARDS: JENNIFER ANISTON took the stage in a black mini-dress to accept -- appropriately enough -- the Decade of Hotness award at the annual Spike TV Guys Choice Awards Saturday night. During her speech, she thanked her yoga instructor for helping her keep her toned body. The show will air Friday night on Spike.

 Other Guys Choice Awards winners included Mark Wahlberg for Guy of the Year ...

 And MILA KUNIS (Holy Grail of Hot) and SOFIA VERGARA (Hot and Funny) ...

R.I.P: JAMES ARNESS, who played Marshal Matt Dillon on the TV show "Gunsmoke" for 20 years, died Friday of natural causes. He was 88. James was the older brother of "Mission: Impossible" star PETER GRAVES, who died last year 

SHOW US YOUR TWEETS: LINDSAY LOHAN is making house arrest sound pretty sweet. Friday, she tweeted, "Loving good music on a sunny day!"

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