ARE KRIS AND BRUCE JENNER HEADED FOR DIVORCE!!!???: Let me preface this item by saying it comes courtesy of the wonderful journalistic purists at the "National Enquirer", so we'll file it under "Could Be True Could Be Crap" ...

According to the tab, BRUCE and KRIS JENNER have supposedly been fighting about everything from money to how to raise the kids lately, and may be headed for divorce!!! Sources say Bruce is tired of Kris putting work ahead of their relationship, and has "started standing up for himself, [insisting] Kris cut back on her work." Kris, on the other hand, can't stand how much money Bruce spends on hobbies like motorcycle racing and golf so she's put him on an allowance!!! Adds the source, "As a result, he and Kris are at a crisis point in their marriage."

The source adds that Bruce blames the reality show for their marital problems and, quote, "wants a life away from the TV craziness."

KOURTNEY AND KIM TAKE THE RATINGS: So much for that online campaign to boycott the Kardashians. Sunday's premiere of "Kourtney and Kim Take New York", which featured the early troubles in Kim's ill-fated marriage, drew 3.2 million viewers. In case you missed the season premiere ... it was made pretty apparent Kim and KRIS HUMPHRIES were headed for splitsville. During the episode, Kris angered his wife by mocking her weight, ruining her pedicure and farting in Kourtney's face.

But the most explosive moment -- pun intended -- came when Kourtney organized a naked yoga session, in which the girls stayed clothed, but the male instructor walked around in the buff. And trust me, his "dog" wasn't the only thing facing downward.

"That is disgusting – this is my home – this is disrespectful," said Kris as he walked in on the class. Kim then screamed "You are so immature -- I can't take it!," to which Kris replied, "You can't take it? I can't take it ... I felt uncomfortable when I came in. I nearly threw up!"

After the argument, Kris decided he needed to return to Minnesota in order to concentrate on his training. "I am sad, but Kris is really supportive of my career, and if Minnesota is the best place for him to work out, then that's what he should do," said Kim in an off-camera interview.

IN DENIAL - KATE GOSSELIN: So did KATE GOSSELIN get a facelift? Not according to the mother of eight, who writes on her blog, "I will confirm that I have not had one. I am only 36! But I will take all of the talk about how rested and young I look as a compliment! So thanks!" She then goes on to insist that it's her worry-free life consisting of neglecting her children that keeps her looking young.I keed, I keed!


DEMI MOORE STILL @MRSKUTHCER: Despite her and ASHTON KUTCHER’S separation, as far as Twitter is concerned, DEMI MOORE is still Mrs. Kutcher. And it looks like it's going to stay that way for a little while longer. A source close to Demi says that changing the name is, quote, "not a priority at the moment." Neither, it seem, is tweeting. Demi has Tweeted only twice since Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile … Demi and BRUCE WILLIS’ youngest daughter Tallulah became a debutante over the weekend, but did so without her mom present. Tallulah was introduced at Le Bal des Debutantes in Paris' Hotel Crillon Saturday, becoming an official member of high society. Her dad and the 17-year-old's sisters Rumer and Scout were on hand for the event, but Moore did not attend.

BABY POOP - MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL IS PREGNANT, FERGIE IS NOT: MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL and her live-in lovah PETER SARSGAARD are expecting their second child. There's no word on the sex or due date.

There is no truth to the rumor, however, that FERGIE and JOSH DUHAMEL are expecting their first child. Her rep says, quote, "Yes, a baby is in the plans at some point, but there's no specific plans or date or anything like that."

TAYLOR SWIFT SHOWS US HER PICS: Now that TAYLOR SWIFT is done touring she’s spending her days getting into the Christmas spirit. In the past week she's Tweeted photos of herself baking …

Christmas trees, and homemade snow globes …