Have you noticed the wind turbines on Airway no longer spin when the wind blows?

Me either, I've been too busy paying attention to the road in front of me to notice, but apparently they haven't been spinning since January because of a broken blade mechanism in one of the light installation's turbines.

KFOX 14 looked into why the issue has not been resolved all these months later, and according to their report, "replacing the parts isn't as simple as visiting the hardware store."

This isn't something that comes off the shelf, it's a piece of art that's been created.” -- Tracey Jerome, director of the city’s Museums and Cultural Affairs Department

Jerome told the news station that in order to fix the problem they've been having to work with the artist who created the installation and the company that made the pieces, but that company was taken over by a company based in China and working with the new company "has been challenging."

So now the city is working on Plan B, which is to find another company that can "recreate the blade."

Jerome estimates fixing the art sculpture, which many El Pasoans affectionately refer to as The Eggbeaters because of their resemblance to the kitchen appliance, will cost between $5,000 and $15,000.

That money will come out of the city's $30,000 annual budget for maintenance and repairs pertaining to the public art program, which the Airway lights are a part of.

Ironically, the turbines were created to generate the power the installation needs to light up without having to rely on El Paso Electric, so while they remain motionless the city is also having to pay for the electricity it takes to look all pretty and colorful at night.

Love them or hate them, they'll be back up and running - or in this case, spinning - by the end of the year.

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