Are you obsessed with Halloween? So are we, and as the holiday approaches, be prepared to see a shortage of supplies this year.

Weak Economy Depresses Halloween Sales
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If you're like me, who loves all things Halloween, then get ready because there are three months until the frighteningly ghoulish holiday, and supplies might be low this year.

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Stores seem to be breaking out with the Halloween merchandise earlier every year, and as lucrative as the holiday is due to the pandemic last year, retailers are looking to make up for lost ground.

Merchandise is Offered for Sale at Walgreens
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Halloween is big business as consumers spend billions each year on candy, costumes, and décor, making it the second most commercial holiday after Christmas.

Having that said, because of the impact of COVID-19 across all industries, consumers will notice higher prices and lower availability this year.

Candy tsm
Candy tsm

Even though merch may be harder to come by, fans can't wait to enjoy the spirit of the season.

Movies - Horror flicks go hand in hand with Halloween, and soon all our favorite cult classics will be all over tv and streaming services.

Candy - From the mini versions of our favorite candy bar to the often spurred candy corn, Halloween wouldn’t be the same without them.

Dressing Up - El Pasoans are known to dress up with elaborate costumes; the more intricate, the better, and this Halloween, we can surely expect more of the same.

Haunted Houses - If a guy sporting a clown costume or wearing a Jason mask doesn't chase you screaming out of a haunted house with a chainsaw, then is it even Halloween?

Décor - Halloween is the time when we get to break out with all the cool décor, from fake spiderwebs to decking out yards as cemeteries to zombies and skeletons.

Pumpkin Patches - Thanks to the animated tv special, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, pumpkin patches have become synonymous with Halloween and, of course, carving pumpkins into elaborate works of art.

Trick-or-Treating - And, what would Halloween be without begging your neighbors and strangers for candy.

From The Frightful To The Frilly, Costume Shop Prepares For Halloween
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Halloweens Back Story:

For centuries, Halloween has been filled with an air of mystery and superstition: but did you know that (the now favored holiday) was created out of fear of the dead?

The ancient origins of Halloween go back a couple of thousand years to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, celebrated on November 1.

On the night before Samhain, people believed that the dead would return from the dead as ghosts and would leave food and wine outside their doors and wore masks so that they would be confused for fellow spirits.

But then, sometime in the 8th century, the Christian church converted Samhain into All Hallows / All Saints Day, and All Hallows became All Hallows Eve, later shortened to Halloween.

New Yorkers Celebrate Halloween In The City
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The Evolution of Trick or Treating

Trick-or-Treating emerged in the middle ages from Souling and Guising.

Souling came from All Souls Day (Nov 2), when the needy would beg for pastries known as soul cakes, and in return, they would pray for people’s dead relatives.

Guising was known as the act of young people dressing up in costumes to accept wine, money, food, and other offerings in exchange for signing, dancing, or telling jokes.

But it wasn’t until the 19th century that American Irish and Scottish immigrants revived these old traditions resulting in Trick-or-Treating.

Two thousand years later and Halloween still stands strong, and while it might not represent what it did centuries ago, we are still captivated by its mystique and magical wonder.

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