Sam and Jesse had known each other since they were 10-years-old, the way he proposed was so sweet. Get the tissues ready!

Sam had set it up so that his girlfriend, Jesse thought that they were starring in a music video for one of his friends who was a musician. They set the scene up at Love Park in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia.

The whole family was in on it and were all present for the dinner scene of the video where Sam's friend was singing at a small dinner set up. The only thing Jesse didn't know was that all the cameras filming were for their special moment. So it could all be caught on camera.

During the dinner they talked as normally to "look as if they were just in the background". When the song finished which ended in saying "I hope one day you'll marry me", that's when Sam got down on one knee. Bravo to this proposal! Well thought out and brings us to tears.



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