HAUNTED NEW MEXICO 2011: Ramiro Galvan, an independent paranormal investigator with Paranormal Research Investigations, was a guest on Mike and Tricia Mornings recently. The details of one of the haunted locations we spoke of follows ...

Background: In April of 2010 The Las Cruces city council allowed PRI to investigate the old Memorial Hospital. Memorial General operated from 1948 to 1972. The city purchased the building in 1973 and converted it into city offices which they occupied up until approximately 2009. (It's a Veteran's Center now). City staff who had worked there reported elevators opening and closing by themselves, and shadows appearing and disappearing in one of the wings on the first floor.

Shadow Man: "While on a walk-thru of the 1st floor wing where shadows had been reported, I thought I saw a shadow moving across the opposite wall in the hallway," Ramiro recounts. "I'm wearing a helmet with an infrared camera on top so that it can record what I see. You hear me trying to figure out if this shadow was caused by outside light sources while I'm looking back and forth. As we passed an office, I looked to the right just as a shadow figure rises up from the floor. None of us saw this when it occurred and it was discovered only after the video was reviewed later."

Look for it at about the :02 second mark. After Ramiro says “no cars back there because, uh”

Shadow Man: This is an enhanced and slowed down extract of the above. You can see it rise up from the floor in the green lighting at around the :10 second mark

Note: Ramiro Galvan can be reached via email at pri@elp.rr.com  He does investigations free of charge.

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