You might not recognize today's birthday girl right off the bat, but chances are if you like cheezy 80's tv, you'll recognize the show she was in!

Stacy Keanan starred with Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan in the sitcom 'My Two Dads'.  The premise was simple enough - Paul and Greg both slept with Stacy's mom within the time period that would make it impossible to know who was Stacy's dad.  Stacy's mom dies and she is sent to live with them so the two potential dads can raise her.  The judge who made that decision is the landlord in the building they live in, so she gets to be in everybody's business all the time!  A mom who sleeps with two guys at the same time, a child who knows this because she's told that one of the two guys is her dad, the other is just the second guy who slept with her mom, and a judge who thinks that's totally ok!  A laff riot, right?!  Of course, it was, silly!  This was the 80's! 

Anyhoo...  Check out the intro to the show and you can see just how wholesome being the child of unknown parentage can be!